Who invented this product?  

Calvin L. Garris, Licensed Cosmetologist with over 20 years of experience. All products at Morning Glory Products are professionally developed by a certified chemist.

What is Gro-Protect Solutions?

Gro-Protect Solutions is a hair protectant (more like a conditioner while wearing weave) that protects the hair from all hair gluing products while wearing weave and lace front wigs.

Can I use Gro-Protect Solutions if I am not a licensed cosmetologist?

It is recommended for professional use to ensure appropriate application and maximum protection in order to receive the full benefits of using Gro Protect Solutions.​

Is this gel?


How much do I use? 

The recommended amount for a client (with relaxed hair) is approximately 2 ounces per 8 ounce (oz) bottle. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair – more or less may be needed.

Why different colors?

Mainly for the client’s ‘comfort’: Blackberry is designed for black or dark colored hair; Sienna Red is designed for brownish or reddish hair; Ice Clear is designed for gray (platinum or blond), color-treated, and Caucasians

How many uses should I get out of the bottle?

Approximately 4 applications per 8 oz bottle

What sizes does it come in?

8 oz. bottles (allows 4 applications) 2 oz. bottles (allows 1 time application)

Can I use it on lace front wigs?

Yes, with proper instructions, you are able to attach a lace front wig without the use of glue

Can I use it on natural hair?

Yes, but more than 2 oz may be needed because of the coarseness of the hair

What are the natural ingredients?

Aloe Vera (soothing the scalp); Tea-tree Oil (growth stimulant); Chamomile Flower Extract (conditioning agent)

Does it itch?

No, Gro-Protect Solutions does not itch the hair/scalp, it is recommended, if necessary, that you only use the Gro-Protect Restoring Glosser to oil the client’s scalp before doing the wet wrap. Do not use any other products to oil your scalp.

Do I need glue remover?

No, Gro-Protect Solutions is water soluble meaning water pressure causes the solution to dissolve

How do I apply it?

It is recommended you apply Gro-Protect Solutions with a bristled applicator brush

How long do I sit under the dryer after applying?  

Depending on the thickness of the client’s hair – Gro-Protect Solutions should dry in 10-12 minutes

How long can I wear my quick weave?

As professionals, it is recommended that a quick weave is worn only 2-3 weeks.

Do I still need to wrap the hair with gel/wrap lotion/mousse?

Yes, although we do not recommend a large amount of gel, as it increases drying time.

How are products shipped?

Currently products are shipped via UPS with the US

How long does it take for shipping?

Products are shipped within 2 business days of ordering; and may take 2-4 business days for delivery, depending on the zip code.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, via US Postal Service -- taking 7-10 business days for delivery

How do I become a distributor?

Please fax a copy of your Tax ID# and Business license or Stylist License to (252) 364-8100 and the wholesale price list will be sent to you.

How much does the product cost?

An 8 oz bottle retails for $24.99  per bottle; prices may vary in your area

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, (i.e. Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express)

Do you accept C.O.D.?

C.O.D.s only offered to Wholesalers.

How do you dry it?

It is recommended you use a hooded dryer for even drying purposes

Can I use any of the 3 colors in my/my client's hair?

It is recommended that you use the color designed for your client's hair

Will it come out if I sweat?

No, only constant water pressure releases the solution

Do I still need a stocking cap or tissue paper?

No, Gro-Protect Solutions was designed to replace the need for stocking caps and tissue paper

Can I put it on wet hair?

No, Gro-Protect Solutions is applied to completely dried hair

Does it come in a larger size?

Currently, Gro-Protect Solutions is available in 8 oz and 2 oz bottles

Why did you change the bottle?

Redesigned for product visibility, increased bottle size, and to prevent leakage

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